BALEARIC central government representative Ramón Socías was yesterday forced to admit that the crime rate in the Balearics rose last year.
He also said that if, as the figures indicate, the murder rate has risen by 63 per cent, “then we're dealing with 70 murders a year.” Equally alarming is last year's 161 per cent rise in the number of cases of domestic violence.
Socias said that a concerted effort by everyone involved has to be made to combat domestic violence.
He went on to say that for the police, it is very difficult to prevent as it occurs in the privacy of peoples' homes.
He said that a new approach needs to be adopted involving the whole of society and starting at grass roots - in schools, homes, the courts and the social security services' care centres. “There has got to be drastic social change in order to beat domestic violence” Socias said.
This year, Majorca has witnessed some of the most aggressive cases of domestic violence in recent years, despite raised awareness.