THE electricity supply company Gesa Endesa and the Council of Majorca signed an agreement yesterday to secure on-line natural gas as an added energy resource for the Island. The power company committed to financing the project to the tune of 1.66 million euros and the Council will grant Gesa Endesa free rein in using any public land it requires to set up installations for processing and distributing the new supply. Maria Antonia Munar, president of the Council of Majorca and the managing director of Gesa Endesa, Jaume Reguart, sealed the agreement yesterday which will also allow the power company to upgrade a number of services. The most notable of these will be excavation works to run the old Sant Joan de Deu dual circuit electrical installations underground, a project which will mean the removal “of an eyesore” said Reguart. Munar highlighted the importance of regional government being able to work in tandem with utilities companies because it meant that both organisations were able to “optimise resources”. She said that thanks to Gesa's financial investment the government is not going to have to use public money.