BALEARIC Consumer Group “Acuib” has publicly condemned a number of airline companies through the Office of Fair Trading. The companies, claim Acuib, have kept their prices artificially high to take advantage of 50 percent government subsidies.

Central government pays half the air fares of European Union residents living in the Balearics on inter-island flights and connections with the mainland.

Acuib says that the airline companies cannot justify the prices they are charging for air links between the Balearics and elsewhere on the mainland. The cost of air travel in the Balearics, said the Consumer Group, is not linked at all to the reality or quality of the service.

Acuib said that not only should the Ministry for Public Works “negotiate” with the airlines over bringing their prices down, but that it should actively seek to fine them for abusing the system.

The Consumer Group recommended to travellers who are resident in the Balearic Islands that they keep their tickets in case they can claim against the “grotesque” prices at a later date.