AS from today the Balearic Government will grant exceptional permits to burn organic waste to those people who can show the urgent need for their agricultural productivity. These permits will only be granted for one month, up until 1 November, when the state law for regulating forest fires will be back in force across Spain. This change to the law has been allowed because of some “favourable” weather conditions, which the Balearic Islands will experience this month, said the General Director for Biodiversity, Joana Xamena. The weather forecasts are categorised by an increase in humidity up to 80 percent in some parts, decrease in temperatures (down to 20 degrees in some parts), decrease in the risk of forest fires, and an increase in rainfall between 40 and 60 percent. Those who get the permits must cordon off the burning area, which must be at least 500 metres from a wooded area, said Joana Xamena.