STAFF REPORTER LAST month was one of the wettest Septembers since records began in 1971 and the heavy rains over the past few weeks have sparked a plague of mosquitoes in the Playa de Palma.

The situation has become so serious that Palma City Council has set up a special unit to monitor and combat the plague while residents are claiming they are fighting a losing battle this year.

The wet lands and marshes which run along the back of the Playa of Palma are popular havens for mosquitoes but the heavy September rains and unusually wet conditions have created a plague of mosquitoes which has put some local residents in hospital.

One Sant Joan de Deu neighbour was taken to hospital suffering from mosquito bites to her whole body. “We can't even open the windows,” one Ses Fontenelles resident complained.
Local business, especially restaurants are also complaining about the plague which is making it nearly impossible for clients to enjoy the bar and restaurant terraces. “This is just what we need at the end of a season like the one we've had,” one local bar owner said.
Palma City Council has sent a team into the area to tackle the plague using special biocides.