From Howard Mullen WHEN you hear that the Anglican Church in Puerto Pollensa is having a meeting about church renewal, it feels like one of those meetings you should avoid, but the Anglican Congregation of St Andrews seemed to manage the impossible yesterday, by making their meeting not only interesting, but informative, educational, thought provoking, and making the focus appropriately a religious one.

The event took place at the Salon at Menestralia. It was organised by the Anglican Chaplain in the North of Majorca Canon Mel Smith, and led by The Rev. David Picken with help from Cathy Picken and Chris Smith.

David Picken proved to be an inspirational and thought provoking speaker and the music, provided by Cathy and Chris was really successful in creating an appropriate atmosphere for the proceedings.

Serious topics were tackled by the members of the congregation who were present, and many commented that they had been challenged to think, not only about church renewal, but also about their place in the church and their responsibilities.

Throughout the morning you were reminded that the Church in Puerto Pollensa is a religious organisation and the congregation were challenged not only to consider their role in the renewal of the Church, but to examine their relationship, as Christians, with God in the process. Serious stuff indeed, but the morning was enjoyed by all present, even though many went home challenged by the content . The morning concluded with a celebration of Holy Communion, celebrated by David Picken, and this was followed by a buffet lunch in the Menestralia Restaurant. Over lunch, members of the Congregation were still discussing the topics they had worked on during the morning. Listening in on some of the conversations, it was obvious that the morning had created an enthusiam for change and renewal, which seems to have made the morning very worthwhile.