Following the decision by teachers in Majorca on Friday night to postpone strike action, Ibiza and Minorca backed the motion yesterday.

By yesterday afternoon, teachers across the Balearics had backed the move to postpone strike action and return to work as usual tomorrow, Monday.

The industrial action in protest over the Balearic government’s TIL trilingual (English, Castilian Spain and Catalan) language curriculum was on the verge of entering into its fourth week with some schools warning parents that the dispute could drag on until December.

The word from the teachers associations and unions was that schools should return to normal from tomorrow, Monday, and the announcement came just a day after the President of the Balearics Jose Ramon Bauza, who has made it blatantly clear that he is not backing down on the TIL trilingual programme, called on teachers to return to work while negotiations over the controversial TIL system continue.