THE Island's reservoirs of Gorg Blau and Cuber are currently at 45.03 percent of their capacity, said Palma's water management company, Emaya, yesterday.

There are 5.406 cubic hectometres in storage, 16.9 percent less than at the same time last year when capacity stood at 61.88 percent. The figures, said Emaya, relate to the combined storage capacity of the two reservoirs. Gorg Blau is in fact 56.73 percent full but Cuber is only at 26.49 percent of its capacity. In both cases the levels are down in comparison with last year but whilst Gorg Blau is only 1 percent less full than it was in October in 2008, the downturn of water stored in Cuber is significant - 42.22 percent. In terms of volume, there is 0.034 hectometres less water in Gorg Blau but 1.955 hectometres less in Cuber.