Palma.—Six out of every ten workers in the Balearic Islands are afraid of losing their jobs, said the Randstad Employment Research Company yesterday.
After those living in the Balearics, people in the region of Navarre (55%) and Galicia (44%) are the workers who most fear losing their jobs. At the other end of the scale, those least likely to be worried by it are residents of the Basque Country (14%), Extremadura (15%), and Asturia (17%).

At a national level, reported Randstad, three out of every ten (29%) fear losing their employment and men tend to show more concern than women.
Randstad was able to show that young people aged between 18 and 24 fretted to a much greater extent over job loss than older professionals aged between 45 and 54.

However, studies also revealed that large numbers of people close to retirement age were worried that as a result of companies cutting back on staff costs, there was the possibility of their being “put out to pasture” sooner than they would have wished.

Randstad suggested that those who had a university education, 30 percent of those taking part in the survey, were more likely to have concerns over how safe their job might be than those who only had a basic level of education.

Randstad concluded that people in Spain were more likely to worry about job loss than most other countries in Europe.


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