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FOREIGN tourists arriving in Spain during the first nine months of 2006 spent 36'487 million euros, which was an increase of four percent in comparison with the same period in 2005, according to the EGATUR poll from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. During the first nine months of 2006, 45 million tourists came to Spain, which was some five percent more than in 2005.
However, the average expenditure per tourist fell by one percent to 810 euros, due to the 1.8 percent decrease in the average stay (which was nine nights).

Their average daily expenditure was 85 euros, 0.8 percent higher than last year.
In September alone, 5.7 million tourists visited Spain, some 5.3 percent more than in September 2005, and their expenditure increased to 55'288 million euros (7.4 percent more). In spite of the average length of stay decreasing by 1.2 percent in September (to 10 nights), the average amount spent by these people rose by two percent (913 euros per tourist), as well as the average daily expenditure, which was 84 euros, a rise of 3.2 percent. Europeans spent 87.7 percent of the total income from tourists, especially the British and Germans, who spent around 52 percent of the total.
British and German tourists favoured the Balearic islands and the Canary islands more than any other Spanish destination.
The amount spent by French tourists was less than the average and they mostly went to Cataluña because of the easy road access from France to that area. Expenditure by the Italians was less in September, while the Dutch spent more. With regard to expenditure by methods of travel, the trend continued that tourists who came by air spent most, in comparison with those who came by road, although both increased their spending. Most of the total amount spent by tourists was spent by those who stayed overnight in hotels, although those who stayed in other accommodation also increased their spending. EGATUR's figures count the expenditure from when the tourists leave their country of origin, which includes transport.
This is in direct contrast with the figures from the Bank of Spain which only take into account the amount spent by tourists in Spain.
According to the Bank of Spain, up to the month of July income from tourism was 19'959 million euros, which was a fall of 1.2 percent in comparison with the same period in 2005.


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