Palma.—Details were published yesterday by the Majorcan Small to Medium-sized Business Association (Pimeco) in which it was reported that in September this year alone, the 281 million euros worth of trade was 5 million less than the same month in 2010. “And from the point of view of the accumulated sales from January to September this year,” said Pimeco, “they were 21 million euros less than for the same period in 2010.” Pimeco said in its report that the downturn in trade in September was “typical” for the time of year in the Balearics.
In terms of total trade for the Balearics from January to September this year, the downturn has registered as being 4.8 percent less than for the same period in 2010 but 0.7 percent less than the national average .

Job losses
In terms of employment in the retail sector, there were 1.5 percent less jobs in the industry in September than there were during the previous month of August, although in terms of the first nine months of the year in the Balearics, there were 0.7 percent more jobs in the retail sector than there were during the same period in 2010.

Summing up over this most recent report, Pimeco said the figures demonstrate for yet another month how fragile the job market remains and how weak the sales position of the retail sector continues to be since the start of the economic crisis.


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