By H. Carter

FOR the first time ever, the high price of housing is what Spaniards are most concerned about as opposed to terrorism and unemployment - the two traditional worries of the population.

Since the end of the summer, the property price index has risen by six points and , according to the latest CSI poll, over one in three people are worried about housing more than anything else at the moment.

That said, terrorism is Spain's second biggest worry with unemployment third.
In July, in response to the Basque terrorist organisation ETA breaking its ceasefire, 44 percent of the population was most worried by terrorism, but ETA has not struck again since they bombed Terminal 4 at Madrid's Barajas airport killing two, concerns for terrorism has dropped while fears for the rising price of housing has escalated.

The health of the economy as a whole is a major worry for the vast majority of Spaniards.
46 percent of Spaniards questioned as part of the monthly survey carried out by the Centre for Social Investigation said that they considered the economic situation to be average while 30 percent said they considered the situation to be poor or very poor.

23 percent believes the economy is going well or very well.
With regards to the future, 42.7 percent see no great improvement while 34 percent fear that things are going to take a turn for the worse.
The majority of the population is neither too enamored by the political state of the country.
Just under 40 percent consider the political situation to be average while 35 percent has slammed the political situation as poor or very poor.
It is the minority, 23 percent, which has given Spanish politics a clean bill of health.


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