THE Balearic government gave the go-ahead yesterday for 3.7 million euros to be spent on repairs and emergency upgrades on the torrents (water courses) at Sa Riera de Puigpunyent and Sant Pere de Esporles, both of which were badly affected by intense rainfall last month.

The Ministry for the Environment is to take charge of the remedial work which consists of essential reconstruction, re-enforcement of the sides and bridges and pulling out any excess vegetation from the dry river beds. It is essential that such courses are kept completely clear as in the case of sudden, heavy rainfall for which occasions they are designed to carry away excess water to the sea, there is a danger of overflow and flooding.

Another agreement reached yesterday morning was for particular members of the Balearic government to form part of a regional “Mixed Political Committee” which will be in charge of officially assigning powers to the individual Island Councils (each of which reports to the Balearic government). Separately, animal lovers will be pleased to know that a grant of 181'909 euros has been set aside to fund projects that aim to ensure animal health and well-being on Balearic farms.

In the light of new statutes now affecting regional government in the Islands, the Balearic government has decided to create an interdepartmental committee to oversee economic and tax reforms and to ensure that state funding is properly assigned to the areas of government for which they were originally budgeted.


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