SPANISH lovers are losing steam and making love less times per year, according to a survey carried out by a multi-national condom manufacturer.
The questions were put to 317'000 people living in 41 countries, and found that Greece is the most sexually active country, where residents make love 138 times per year, far higher than the world average of 103 times. In Spain the average is to have sex 105 times per year, which is five times less than reported in 2004.
However, the use of vibrators has increased substantially in Spain, with up to 15 percent of residents opting to use this sex toy. In order of sexual preferences a one night stand is at top with 38 percent, followed by anal sex (33 percent), sex with lubrication (30 percent) and masks or handcuffs (29 percent). Spain continues to be one of the countries where most sexual precautions are used, as 73 percent of those interviewed said they usually use some form of contraception. Spanish residents chose the car as the preferred place for having sex (65 percent), followed by parents' bedroom (46 percent), beach (39 percent), toilets (39 percent) and park (38 percent). In terms of worldwide results, the Turks are head of the list when it comes to extra-marital affairs, with 58 percent admitting to having had one this year.


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