A group of 400 soldiers from the Balearics have flown to Albacete for instruction, training and firing exercises.
They will stay there until November 15, according to Ministry of Defence sources. The Balearic soldiers are going under the command of the head of the Infantry Regiment, Colonel Santiago Gomes de Valenzuela, who also led the contingent which went to Bosnia-Herzogovina. The exercises are part of the General Instruction and Training Plan for all units of the army. The aim is to prepare them and improve their capability to accomplish any missions which may be assigned to them. In this training camp they will be able to carry out deployment of forces and firing exercises which they normally cannot do on the Balearics.
They sailed from the port of Palma on Tuesday morning in two civilian ships to the port of Valencia, where they were transferred to the Chinchilla National Drill Centre in Albacete. The embarcation created a few traffic problems around Palma and many drivers complained that they had not been informed early enough of the possible hold ups. The spokesperson for the army, Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Ortiz, denied this and said that the embarcation was very quick and took scarcely 10 minutes.


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