AROUND 80 percent of traders on Majorca believe that October sales this year were the same or even better than during the same month in 2009, small to medium-sized business association “Pimeco” revealed in its monthly report yesterday.

The same research however, said Pimeco, showed that 20 percent of those taking part in the regular survey said that sales in October this year had been worse than in 2009.

The findings emerge as “optimistic” when compared to the Pimeco report for September this year when 45 percent of interviewees said that sales had been worse than during the same month in 2009.

Nevertheless, the poll for October confirmed that 47 percent of those taking part said that sales had been around the same level as October 2009, whilst 33 percent claimed they had been better.

In making comparisons with the previous month of September this year, traders were even more positive. Half of them said that October sales were better than the previous month, 37 percent of businesses claimed they had been the same and only 10 percent said that sales had been worse.

Making reference to polls that have been taken throughout the year, Pimeco said that October has commercially speaking proven to be the most optimistic month in the whole of 2010.

In a global assessment of year-on-year trading on Majorca, Pimeco said that October this year had a 16.7 percent higher success rate than the same month in 2009.

It also confirmed that sales in October had been “encouragingly better” than during the previous month of September, with 90 percent of interviewees saying that sales last month had been higher or the same, and only 10 percent claiming they had been worse. The optimistic view that traders have had of business in October, says Pimeco, needs to be corroborated by data collected over the next few months.


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