CAPDEPERA Town Council is backing a return to its roots, with a fresh strategy to make use of hectares of currently uncultivated agricultural land.
A spokesman explained yesterday that the long term aim would be to upgrade land that has been lying abandoned, and regrow quality produce which could be sold to a tourist market, thereby creating jobs for the future.

A study is being undertaken to see if the “return to the land” approach will be an economically viable alternative to further investment in tourism. A grant from the regional ministry for Employment and Tourism and another from Capdepera Town Council's Social Services department is being used to fund the initial investigations.

A first step, continued the spokesman, would be to create an association of farmers to map out just what products can feasibly be grown in the municipality which would appeal to tourists - suggestions are that dried fruit, aromatic and medicinal herbs, olives and vines for locally produced wine would all make an attractive market.

Prior to the onset of mass tourism in the 1960s, Capdepera eked a subsistence living for its inhabitants from agriculture and fishing, with land workers taking up periodic employment according to the season of the year.

At the moment, according to research, there are only 18 people with jobs in agriculture and fisheries but if the scheme to revitalise the abandoned land in Capdepera for the regeneration project were to go ahead, the creation of jobs would help promote all-year-round work.


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