LOCAL police in Palma began a new campaign yesterday to control excess speeding. In place until the 27th of this month, the exercise is part of a wider government aim to reduce accidents and their consequences on the streets of the capital. Police reminded drivers that the fines for breaking the law by speeding are imposed according to the degree by which the limits have been surpassed. In incidences of extreme infringement, driving licenses will be withdrawn. On Sunday, a special trial which had begun on 2 November to prevent the use of the mobile telephone whilst driving drew to a close. Fines for failing to observe the law in this area start at 150 euros. Separately, during a campaign operating between 17 and 30 October, police in Palma fined 1'217 drivers for not wearing their safety belts. More than 2'600 vehicles were involved in spot checks in the capital. Of the total number of fines, the majority (1'136) were imposed on the driver for not wearing a belt. In some cases, cars didn't even have this safety device fitted at all.


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