A total of 16 cameras will keep an eye on traffic on the new, widened, road between Palma and Manacor (Ma-15).
Over the last few days the cameras have been put in place along the whole of the 47 kilometres from Palma to the roundabout at Manacor. This stretch of road, which will be opened on December 2, will be “under surveillance” 24 hours a day from the Council of Majorca's control room in Palma. A similar system already operates on the Via Cintura ring-road and other roads around the capital. The majority of the cameras have been installed at places along the road considered to be accident blackspots, such as bridges and roundabouts, and they will send back information from the six towns through which the road passes. There will be two cameras in Palma, one on the bridge situated near the control room, and another on the stretch of road next to the new golf course situated next to Can Gafet. In the town of Algaida there will be six cameras, one on the Ses Maioles bridge, one on the bridge behind S'Hostal, another two situated at the roundabout known locally as the Cossier roundabout. The other cameras in Algaida are located on the bridge on the old Porreres road and next to the road control centre which is being constructed in El Vivero. In Montuiri there is a camera which controls the roundabout at the entrance to the town, and another on a straight stretch which passes the Puig de Sant Miquel at Son Comelles. In Sant Joan, there will be a camera observing the roundabout which also serves as the entrance to Vilafranca, where there will be one camera on the bridge which goes to Porreres, another a bit further on and another next to the Es Cruce restaurant. In Manacor there are cameras to control the traffic at Es Caparo and at the roundabout at the entrance to Manacor. These form the 16 control points.
The presence of the 16 cameras along the length of the Ma-15 road from Palma to Manacor has already caused more than one driver to slow down, thinking that they could perhaps be radar traps. However, according to the Council of Majorca these cameras will only be used to observe what is happening on the road.


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