FOR the first time in the history of Inca's “Dijous Bo” market - this year being held on Thursday 19th November - security staff have been hired to protect the inner streets of the city on Wednesday night, “Dimecres Bo”.

Eighty officers will be on duty in a dozen or so centrally located streets which give access to the housing areas between Calles Jaume Armengol, Garroves, Hostals, Major, Miquel Durand and de la Pau. This is the zone where the major attraction of the old-style farmers' market will take place. The cordon of security staff aims to stop people who are out revelling in the streets on the night prior to “Dijous Bo” wrecking any of the stalls which will have been carefully set up in advance.

Benny Bestard, Managing Director of the company providing the services of the security staff said yesterday that his men will be on duty between 11.30pm on Wednesday night until 8am the following morning.

The only people, he said, being able to gain access to the central streets will be those who live there. Felip Jerez, head of the Commerce department on Inca Town Council said that the move in no way intends to “privatise” the area but simply to stop vandalism.

He said that in previous years, stalls set up in advance of “Dijous Bo” had sustained damaged by revellers and last year, a group of unknown delinquents deliberately broke the wing mirrors of about a dozen cars. As a result of this, the farmers' market will now take place in Avenida Reis Catolics, far away from the traditional merrymaking route from the train station to the area of bars and cafes and evening entertainment. As well as the security staff, 30 extra members of the Guardia Civil will be on duty. In an effort to control noise levels, the Town Council is making sure that only those bars with the appropriate licences will be able to put up marquees in the streets with live music. All musical entertainment must stop at 5am and marquees must be cleared half an hour later.


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