Palma.—Potentially dangerous dogs - even though they might not be on the official list - should also be wearing muzzles and their owners must have their permits ready for police inspections, a spokesman at police headquarters warned yesterday. He confirmed that dogs that are particularly muscular and over a certain height at the shoulder - but are not pedigree could need to wear a muzzle. “And their owners need to have a permit,” he said. If it becomes clear that owners are not abiding by the law, the spokesman furthered, fines of up to 15'000 euros can be incurred.

But last weekend, it was not just dangerous dogs which came under the scrutiny of Local Police. A large number of officers from the so-called “Green Patrol” unit were on the lookout in parks and urban areas of the city. They fined all owners who were letting their dogs run free, or who could not produce a valid licence, proof of insurance and vaccination records.

Krekovic Park, Pompeu Fabra, Son Costa, Sa Riera, Son Fuster, Es Rafal, Son Cladera and Germans Escales were just some of the areas where the Local Police crackdown took place.

The officers made their random checks dressed in plain clothes but when owners became aware of a police presence, some of them took flight with their animals in tow.

One officer said: “It is unacceptable that children have to share their play areas with dogs which could inflict a great deal of damage. “The fact that people run off when they know that checks are being made shows they know they are breaking the law,” he said.
To own a dangerous dog, it is essential to have a clean police record and to have passed psychological aptitude tests, the officer said.


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