THE Council of Majorca are investing a total of 150'000 euros to the Christmas campaign which will promote local Majorcan products.
The campaign entitled “Nadal Bonissim” will also include food tasting and “showcooking”, and will be held in the courtyard of the La Misercordia cultural centre on 3 December, in time for the Christmas shopping frenzy. The local councillor for Treasury, Miquel Angel Flaquer, highlighted the support that the government has given to local products, which are now starting to produce results as there are now a diverse range of high quality products on sale in Majorca. This will be the second such campaign, which has been organised in conjunction with the Fora Vila Association and PIMEM (small and medium business association). The campaign will soon be running advertising slots on the radio and in local newspapers, as well as putting up posters.
Last year around 2'000 people visited the fair, said Miquel Angel Flaquer. This year there will be 35 stands full of local food products, mainly meat and fish specialities, he added. “The campaign will take into account the foreign residents, who will be able to sample some of the local Christmas cuisine in a specially organised space”, declared Flaquer yesterday, during the presentation. Free samples will be handed out at the fair, for example the Fising Association will prepare a fish soup and the PIMEM chefs will be making Christmas cakes for the visitors.


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