PALMA City Council is looking at how control can be tightened on vans and lorries loading and unloading merchandise in authorised areas in Palma a spokesman confirmed yesterday.

Technical reports, he said, will also look at how disturbances to the public as a result of such activity can be minimised.
The investigation forms part of the wider European “Sugar” project which is involving other major cities in its research such as Barcelona, Paris and London.

Palma City Council has apparently made an evaluation of the main nuisance factors that are caused by the poor positioning of authorised loading and unloading areas, their restrictive size and the undisciplined manner in which they are used.

Technicians are also documenting the fact, said the spokesman, that there are other major nuisance factors for people living in Palma such as the noise that is produced by heavy goods vehicles, the danger they represent to pedestrians and the fact that frequently they take up more space than is allocated in designated parking areas.

Solutions that the City Council is proposing include providing better information on the movement of goods vehicles to planning departments so that they are aware of transportation requirements and realities.


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