FRESH fruit and vegetables, the basic food staple in the Balearic Islands, registered the biggest increase in prices in the first ten months of this year, rising by 12 percent, followed closely by beef, according to statistics published by the National Institute for Statistics. In October, the food products which experienced the biggest spikes in prices were eggs (which increased by 31 percent) and potatoes (up by 2.9 percent). On the other hand, during last month, frozen fish and pork decreased in price (by 1.7 and 1.2 percent respectively).
The other most inflationary food products in the Balearic Islands between January and October, were jams and dried fruit (up by 6.2 percent), coffee, hot chocolate and teas (5.3 percent increase), fresh fish (4.8 percent increase), bread (up by 4.5 percent) and oils (3.5 percent). However, many other staple food products decreased in price this year, such as processed meals made from potatoes (down by 7.1 percent), lamb (6.8 percent decrease), poultry (2.1 percent decrease) and frozen fruit (down by 2 percent). In terms of price differences for non-food products in the Balearic Islands, the biggest increases were found to be those for cigarettes (up by 6.2 percent in the first ten months of 2005). This was followed by heating and water (up by 5.9 percent), medical services (4.2 percent increase).
However, prices for clothes went down in price this year, such as children's and baby clothes which decreased by 6.2 percent.


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