Palma.—The property is at No. 8 in Calle Comte situated just in front of a local pharmacy.
According to local residents, the single-storey house had already undergone reforms and its roof reinforced.
However, for reasons which are as yet unclear, at just before 1pm yesterday afternoon, part of the roof collapsed creating an explosive noise.
Emergency Services were alerted and a swift response followed as it was believed that there were people still in the interior at the time of the cave-in.

Local Police, firemen, paramedics and Council technicians converged on the scene to discover the extent of the damage.
Very fortunately, the 78-year-old resident of the property escaped completely uninjured. The part of the roof which had collapsed was above the dining room but the woman had been in another part of the house at the time.

First assessment
The Fire Service was the first to enter the property after the cave-in to make an initial assessment of damage and risk.
Officers managed to get onto the roof terrace from where they could see the supporting beams which had given way and what state the rest of the house was in. Council technicians sealed off the property to prevent entry by any unauthorised personnel and to enable them to make a structural report and recommendations.

A small bakery business adjacent to the property was also cordonned off provisionally by the technicians as a precautionary measure.
At the time of the roof cave-in, the business was open to the public and there were people inside the shop making purchases.


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