Calvia.—The American navy cruiser USS Anzio sailed into Palma on Thursday and after spending a little rest and recuperation in Palma the officers and crew volunteered to lend a hand at the SOS Animal Shelter on the outskirts of Calvia. The Centre is run solely by volunteers so when a group of sturdy sailors arrived at the centre early yesterday morning ready willing and very able to pitch in it was something of a Godsend.

During the lunch break and amid a cacophony of barking dogs Captain John Dorey and United States Consular Agent Amy Christiansen expressed their feelings about the centre and the work that the volunteers do there.

Get involved
Captain Dorey explained why his men and women were giving up their time to help out: “We always like to get involved with the local community when we come into port, but I think it's even more rewarding sometimes to come and help the animals who can't help themselves and what an incredible group of people who come here and give their time… I think it's fantastic what these people do.” Consular Agent Amy Christiansen endorsed the Captain's words adding, “Animals are an international concern, and we all share a common bond where they are concerned.” As the men enjoyed a hearty and much deserved lunch break provided by happy smiling volunteers they chatted about their morning's work. “We've been dog walking, cleaning up the dog pens, painting, and making a place where the dogs can play, it's been very enjoyable and everyone has been so hospitable.” Good will
The ship's Mass Communications Specialist Petty Officer Second Class Brian Brooks cut quite a dash as he went about his business recording the day's activities for posterity.

The goodwill that these sailors garnered will be remembered long after their departure; it's just a little sad that they have to leave behind the canine friends with whom they so clearly bonded.


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