Palma.— A spokesman for the employment agency said yesterday that these figures are roughly the same as for the Christmas period in 2011. “It's the second year of zero growth since the start of the crisis,” said Adecco. “During the previous period of economic growth,” the company claimed, “year-on-year Christmas job growth stood at between 5 and 15%.” The companies offering such employment are those traditionally connected with the season such as the production of toys and games, food, distribution, sound and images, and even in the hostelry industry over the central Christmas period. Staff who are most sought after at this time are connected with marketing of the large hypermarkets and department stores. Days of yore
Adecco said that it was just a few years ago when the Christmas season meant that job contracts would soar, sometimes by as much as 60 percent compared to the rest of the year, depending on the sector of industry and communications.

However, at a time when unemployment figures are reaching historic highs, there will be little “relief,” even with extra jobs at Christmas for the ailing labour market.

Adecco said that the reality is that even sectors related to distribution and mass consumption haven't reached the commercial objectives they had originally planned for 2012.


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