THIS November has been one of the mildest and driest for the past 40 years and, for the short term, no significant change in the weather is forecast.
Agusti Jansa, the Director of the AEMET Balearic Meteorological Office, said yesterday that average temperatures have been 2ºC above the November norms while rainfall has been well below the average for this time of year.

According to Jansa's latest records, just four litres per square metre of rain has fallen in Palma this month, for example.
Much less than the November average of 40 litres per square metre. Up in Lluc, where average November rainfall is 120 litres per square metre, just 45 litres have been recorded.

A stark contrast to October which was the wettest month of the year to date, although, according to Jansa, temperatures were still slightly higher than usual last month.

Average temperatures in Palma have been 15.6ºC this month, the second highest since 1989 while in Minorca, the average temperature has been 16.3ºC, 1.3ºC above the November norm. Over the next few days, a few showers are expected but, no major change is forecast for the moment.


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