Palma.—Police are continuing their hunt for two men who robbed guards at the Antoni Maura under ground car park in Palma of 4'500 euros at 6am on Monday morning.

Yesterday, the police confirmed that the two armed men have been caught on CCTV but, as of last night, no one had been arrested although the robbery squad claims that it is following up a number of leads.

Carefully planned
What the CCTV images have also revealed is that the two robbers had carefully planned their crime.
The cameras show the two men storming the main office at 6am, just as the two security guards were counting the night's takings from the machines. The two guards were quickly over come and tied up while the robbers escaped with the 4'500 euros in less that five minutes.

CCTV has also shown that the thieves escaped in a van which was parked very close to the scene of the crime.
But, knowing that there is a heavy presence of CCTV cameras in the area, the number plates of the van had been changed for false ones and the thieves' faces were covered up.

The two guards were eventually found and untied by their colleagues taking over for the next shift.
Inside job
Police have questioned the victims as well as other car park employees and possible eye witnesses.
Police are convinced it was an inside job, which is why the thieves were able to act so swiftly.
Nevertheless, armed with the evidence they have gathered, police are confident arrests will be made this week.


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