OWNERS of one of Majorca's most visited historical landmarks, the Torre de ses Animes in Banyalbufar will attempt to renovate the tower with an allocated budget of only 2'400 euros. The move comes in response to a move my the Council of Majorca who have said that if the proprietors, descendants of the Archduke Luis Salvador, are unable to guarantee carrying out remedial works on the structure to make it safe for visitors, then a compulsory purchase order will be slapped on the site by local government. Local mayor, Mateu Ferra belives that the Council's taking over the title deeds of the tower would be the best idea to ensure the ongoing conservation of the monument which was declared a cultural heritage site in 1998. He acknowledged that with only 2'400 euros, not a great deal could be achieved. “I view the situation as laughable. It's clear that the proprietors, 28 in total, can't agree on how to rescue the situation. Only a short while ago, some wanted to hand the property over to the Town Council, others wanted it to be privately managed and some even wanted to sell it.” For Ferra, the Council of Majorca are the only organisation which can guarantee the site won't be closed.
The Torre de ses Animes located at a choice spot in the Island's Tramuntana mountains, has been recognised as an historic monument since 1949 and has, as such, received government protection. If the Council rejects the current owners' proposals of reformation work on a budget of 2'400 euros and decides to enforce a compulsory purchase, it will be the first time that an historic monument has been the subject of a legal move of this nature. The matter has now become one of urgency as access to the site has become unsafe for visitors.


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