A REPORT carried out by the Fundacion Gadeso has revealed that 60 percent of Balearic residents think that tourism is positive for the islands, in terms of giving them a better economic style of life. However, the other 24 percent consider tourism as a “clearly negative” activity for the islands, stating that it puts the heritage and culture at detriment. By islands, it is the Ibizan crowds who express a more favourable opinion on tourism (76.5 percent in total), followed by residents in Formentera (68 percent in favour of tourism), Majorca (51 percent) and Minorca (46 percent). The 60 percent of those who think that tourism is a good thing, believe this because it develops the economy, gives them jobs and allows them to find out more about different cultures. Residents in Majorca have the worst opinion about the side effects of tourism, followed by those living in Minorca, Formentera and Ibiza.
The majority of negative thoughts about the tourism industry centres on the effects it is having on heritage (63 percent), whilst 54 percent think that the islands are losing their identity thanks to tourism. In addition 43 percent of residents think that tourism “is bread and butter for today but hunger tomorrow”.
An overwhelming percentage (753 percent) of Balearic residents think that the tourism season should be extended, whereas 68.1 percent are in favour of turning away tourists so that htere are fewer of them during the summer months. On the other hand, 63.1 percent of the society want measures to be applied which will protect the evironment, especially in Minorca and Majorca.
Furthermore, 66.9 percent of residents are worried about the loss in quality of the complementary services (such as bars, restaurants and shops), and consider these businesses excessive, bland and expensive. Lastly over half of residents (59.3 percent) think the obsolete hotels should be eliminated.


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