By Humphrey Carter

PALMA police have joined forces to mount a special operation to stamp out the current wave of vehicles being torched in the capital.
The security forces do not know whether they are searching for a lone pyromaniac or a group of arsonists, but over the past few weeks, the torching of cars in the city has become increasingly regular.

On the night of November 15, over 30 vehicles were set alight in Palma and a special 20-strong police unit using the latest surveillance technology has been created to hunt down and arrest those responsible.

The unit has also drawn up a special response plan to catch the suspects as soon as they strike again. The joint National and Local police team is now in constant contact with the various 112, 091 and 092 emergency centres and, as soon as a call is received reporting a car blaze, the unit will throw up the net it has devised to intercept the pyromaniacs. In the meantime, the police are going to be revising all of the close circuit television footage taken from some of the incident areas and the authorities have been asked to make sure that all CCTV cameras in Palma are working properly. According to the police, the vehicles could be set alight using three different methods.


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