THE economy is starting to show the first signs of real recovery, indicating that the “worst of the crisis” is now over, said Joan Mesquida, Secretary of State for Tourism in Palma yesterday.

Mesquida was speaking at the opening of a conference on innovation and competitivity in the tourist industry hosted at the “Intelitur” study centre, set up by the Chamber of Commerce Board and Central Government's Tourism ministry. The purpose of the study centre is to promote data collection and information exchange within the tourist industry.

“We've still got to be careful,” said Mesquida in relation to recovery, but he gave assurances that “all international organisations agree that the economies of Spain's key client countries are emerging from recession.” “It would seem the green shoots of recovery are showing sooner rather than later”, said Mesquida, “and we've got to use innovation in the tourist industry as a tool.” He said that “Intelitur” is developing strategies which will help the country “look to the future” beyond its present economic difficulties.

Mesquida said that the key to success will be having a competitive edge on rivals “and in order to do that,” he added “we have to arm ourselves with information.”


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