Manacor.—Last year there were 90 people who were fined for street drinking (botellón), many of whom chose to carry out community service instead, but this year the figure has slumped to 30.

The falling numbers of street drinkers in Manacor and Porto Cristo indicates the success of the legislation established two years ago this month. It has led to a quieter life for residents who have not suffered so much late night noise.

Fines imposed have ranged from 400 to 750 euros for minor infractions of the law and between 750 and 1'500 euros for more serious ones. The nature of community service which is an option to paying fines is determined by an anti-street drinking committee made up of representatives of Local Police and Social Services. Work often consists of helping the Municipal Brigade in maintenance chores.

Local Police report that most of the lawbreakers are aged between 18 and 30 but not all are impoverished students or unemployed. Mechanics, teachers and receptionists have been amongst those collared by Local Police officers who patrol areas formerly popular with street drinkers.


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