THE councillor for Transport, Joaquin Rodriguez, and the director general of Transport, Francisco Donate, announced on Wednesday that the Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, will during the next few months come up with a proposal which will fix the cost of the Vehicle Recovery Service for Abandoned Vehicles.

In the case of vans and cars this could go up to a maximum of 1'392.72 euros.
Rodriguez said that this would be the total cost if a voluntary declaration for the abandoned vehicle was not forthcoming and if it is recovered from the public road, because of an abandonment procedure being put in place, which means payment of the cost of the recovery, storage, declaration of abandonment, decontamination, breaker's yeard costs and informing the traffic department that the vehicle is no longer on the road.

The councillor added that if the owner of an abandoned vehicle takes it to the depositing places in Son Toells or the airport and renounces it in writing, the council will take charge of the decontamination and destruction of the vehicle as well as dealing with the Traffic department to say that it is no longer on the road.

This service is given entirely free”, he highlighted.
Another possible option is that the owner of the abandoned vehicle should give the council a written document explaining where the vehicle can be found and at the same time renouncing their ownership.

In this case, the owner has to pay 46.37 euros if it is a car or a van.
Rodriguez said that this initiative is trying to ensure that within a year there will be no more abandoned cars on the streets of Palma.
With regard to this, Donate recalled that four months ago there were some 1'500 abandoned vehicles, and that since then some 500 have been recovered, leaving some 1'000 still on the public roads.

Rodriguez also announced that the Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday approved the licence for the deposit in Son Toells.
The councillor recalled that all the judicial and administrative procedures for this were started in September 2003, when a private person complained to the council about the fact that the Son Toells depository did not have a licence.


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