By Humphrey Carter

THE results of survey released to mark the International Golf Fair in Madrid is bound to add fresh fuel to the debate over whether the Balearics needs more golf courses or not.

According to the report published by the research company 11811, the Balearics is the region of Spain with the least number of federation member golfers per course but has the highest number of golf courses per habitant.

Apparently, we have a golf course per 52'163 inhabitants while there are only 387 federation member golfers per golf course.
In fact, despite all the golf courses, the Balearics is the region with the lowest overall number of federation member players.
The region had just 8'147 registered golfers in March of this year compared to nearly 100'000 in Madrid or 52'118 in Andalusia.
According to the conclusions to the report, the Balearics, due to the relatively small number of golfers, is an easy place to play, apart from during the summer when the courses get busier with golf tourists. What the environmentalists will no doubt latch on to is that, as far as serving the Balearic population is concerned, the report would suggest that the region does not need any more golf courses.

The golfing sector and tourist industry however will disagree claiming that in order to diversify the region's tourist industry and attract a greater number of top end and wealthy clients, more and better courses are going to be vital to the future of the Balearic tourist industry.


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