Palma.—Economy Councillor Julio Martinez said yesterday that the newwatchdog expects to track down a further 12.5 million euros from unpaid taxes .

But Martinez explained that generally, it is people who don't know what they should be paying who are the problem.
Specifically, the City Council expects to rake in one million euros through tax on Economic Activity (IAE); 2.7 million in Capital Gains tax; 3 million for urban waste collection and processing, 2.5 million for Construction and Works, 2.5 million in fines and 120'000 in late payment charges.

The remaining half million euros is expected to come from taxes demanded of businesses, such as bars, cafés and restaurants who have chairs and tables out on public terraces and pavements.

Martinez explained that making people pay what they owe actually helps keep taxes down. He said that the work of the control and inspection team will mean more financial success than putting up property and economic taxes.

Also agreed yesterday was staff restructuring at City Hall with job descriptions now resulting in the elimination of overtime payment.
Although there will be one less official driver at City Hall now, it has been agreed that all councillors can make use of official cars on council business, unless it is after 10pm when members of staff will be expected to take a taxi.


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