THE Majorcan actor, Jorge Alonso, has had the “privilege” of spending four hours with one of the most sought after and admired men in the world, the England and Real Madrid footballer, David Beckham. The meeting took place on 24 October in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Madrid, during the filming of an advertisement for a British mobile telephone company. Jorge plays an estate agent who is showing Beckham round a property. The day is a sunny one and the footballer proceeds to take photographs with his mobile telephone, subsequently sending them to two ex colleagues from Manchester United who are sheltering from the rain. “Beckham is a really likeable and correctly behaved guy and during the shooting of the advertisement, we had quite a bit of time to chat”, said Jorge.
The footballer had been looking for a property to rent and was taken with the minimalist, faintly Japanese style of the house being used for the advert. He really thought that I was an estate agent, and although I explained that I was an actor, he asked if I knew if the property itself were for sale and how much I thought it might cost. I told him I didn't know, but commented that I felt sure it would be a sum that he (Becks) could afford. With half a smile, he answered maybe, maybe. The owner of the house was there during the filming of the advertisement and in fact spoke with Beckham. Subsequently however, he rented another property, “one to dream about” asserted Jorge. It was an impressive entourage that accompanied Beckham during the filming: make-up artist, hairdresser, an assistant, wardrobe manager, personal manager, public relations and a secretary. In total, seven people plus the four bodyguards who took a good look over the property before the “star” arrived. Additionally, there had been a dozen or so security guards posted at the scene to make sure there were no unexpected incidents.
What surprised Jorge most, however, was that the entourage applauded every time that Beckham did a film “take” and shouted “Beautiful, David”. “It's staggering” commented Jorge, “that with all this fuss, Beckham manages to appear so natural and unspoilt by fame. I feel sure that if I were in his shoes, I'd be spending most of the day with a psychiatrist”. The work on the advert had to be continued the following day, but on that occasion, Jorge had to rub shoulders with one of the footballer's many doubles.


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