The unique Earthrace powerboat moored in Port de Mallorca, Palma was a huge success over the weekend, as the fastest biodeisel-fuelled boat afloat attracted scores of visitors.

Dozens of schoolchildren, boat-lovers and curious onlookers visited the vessel during her three-day visit and many were visibly stunned by the boat's amazing appearance. Hoping to break the speed record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the world, the sustainable energy powered speedboat has been designed so that its journey, starting from Valencia in March 2008, will clock up no more than a net zero carbon footprint.

Its aim is to raise awareness of the environment and the use of sustainable resources as an alternative to current energies, the boat's stop in Palma has been just one of many to raise publicity of its voyage. Its amazing design allows it to travel seven metres underwater in times of huge waves, a feat never achieved before on a powerboat.

It did encounter a few problems, however, two days ago as it took twelve lucky visitors out to give them an idea of what it is like to ride on the boat. Having already visited over sixty cities around the world, Earthrace was due to have its engines, which have covered over 60'000 miles, changed next month. This seemingly won't be necessary now, as one of the engines broke down while on the short trip around the Bay of Palma and the repairing process is already underway. The vessel remains in the Port de Mallorca, where it has been provided with all that it requires.


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