By Humphrey Carter

THE British-founded Centro Canino animal shelter is again facing a fight for survival after a Palma judge ruled yesterday that the dogs being cared for at the refuge pose a health threat to one of the local neighbours and ordered that the centre ceases its activities.

Vice President of the shelter, Julie Ford, said last night that they can not understand this latest ruling which was totally unexpected. “A Palma judge has already ruled that we can look after a set number of animals and continue operating until the full hearing over noise levels goes to court. “We find it completely illogical that one Palma court has over ruled another, especially when the noise levels used in evidence in this latest case against us were taken back in 2007,” she said. “We have invested a great deal of money since then in sound proofing all the kennels, planting trees and building up mounds of earth around the shelter to absorb the noise. “What is more, the neighbour has complained that she can not sleep at night. “All our dogs are inside the sound proofed shelter at 6pm and remain there until the morning.


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