Palma.—The Centre for Social Investigation (CIS) reported yesterday that 82.8 percent of Spaniards say that there is little justice in the way that taxation demands are made by the Inland Revenue. “People feel”, said the CIS in its annual report, “that those who are wealthiest are not paying the highest tax”.
Furthermore, said CIS, 61.5 percent consider that they see little return for the taxes they pay to Central Government. A similar number (59.1%) said more specifically that they receive less from the State in terms of public services than they are paying in taxes and council rates.

More than 84 percent of Spaniards apparently believe there is a high level of tax fraud taking place in the country and 65.2 percent say the government is doing little, or very little to combat it.

Tackling debt
When asked about the measures that the government is taking to reduce public debt, 88.3 percent said that they gave scant support to cutting social services and 70.4 percent were against any form of increasing taxation levels.

Meanwhile, just 30.7 percent were in agreement with cutting public investment in infrastructure and 27.5 percent said that public services such as water supply and street cleaning should be privatised.

In a survey undertaken by the CIS this summer, 53.9% of interviewees said they understood that the State had the right to tax the population to fund public services but 34.2% said they really didn't know why they were paying taxes at all.

The public, said CIS in its report, proved to be highly critical of how public services operated, particularly health and public transport.


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