THE United Left and the Green Party (EUEV) have denounced the Council of Majorca for paving the way for the burning of dangerous waste.
The coalition party yesterday warned that the proposed revision of the guidelines for the disposal of urban solid waste (PDSRSUM) for which the Council of Majorca is seeking approval is “extremely dangerous”, not only because it provides for the recycling of the ashes from the incinerator, but also because it “opens the door” for the treatment of dangerous waste. A spokeswoman complained that the proposed modification states that the incinerator will be “technically prepared to treat other waste”, which in her judgement can only mean dangerous waste, whose treatment is the “exclusive” domain of the Balearic Government. In her opinion this possibility was “very serious” when you take into account that the plan advocates using the ashes of the incinerator in the construction of roads and other structures. It's because of this that the coalition will next Monday present a proposal for the plan not to “mention the treatment of dangerous waste” and for the Council of Majorca to renounce the treatment of any dangerous waste in any infrastructures which the PDSRSUM develop. She added that ashes from incinerators appeared in the European List of Dangerous Waste - but not slag. Majorca will become the first place in the world where this material will be used in construction, she said yesterday.


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