THE Balearics has the second largest proportion of cinema screens to population out of all the autonomous regions.
Figures show the Balearics has 0.115 cinema screens per 1'000 inhabitants, second only to Catalonia with 0.116 per 1'000.
Given the number of screens and the high number of foreign residents, it is surprising that not more cinemas are prepared to show blockbusters in their original soundtrack. At the moment, there are only two films in English on the entire island -the latest Harry Potter at the Ocimax and The Secret Life of Words at the Renoir. Figures are not available to show how many tickets were sold for films shown in their original language in the Balearics or how much money was taken in cinemas showing these films. But with such a high foreign population in the Balearics and not many foreign films being shown, perhaps this would be an interesting exercise. Islanders love going to the cinema it seems, as the Balearics also came third in the list of autonomous regions where citizens spent most on going to the cinema in 2004, with an average of 18.70 euros per person, per year, 3 euros more than the national average. The figures show that in the Balearics 3'469'680 tickets were sold in 2004, with total takings of 17.7 million euros, 2.6 percent of the national total. The 108 existing screens in 28 cinemas in the island have an average audience of 24.54 per showing. In 2004 each screen had an average audience of 32.126. Each screen in the Balearics took on average 163'983 euros, which is an average of 125.20 euros per showing.


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