ALMOST 2'000 people attended a series of tributes in Palmanova yesterday to the two young Guardia Civil officers who were murdered in Calvia earlier this year by the Basque Terrorist group ETA.

Calvia's Mayor, Carlos Delgado unveiled street name plaques honouring Carlos Saenz de Tejada Garcia and Diego Salva Lezaun who were killed outside Palmanova's police station by a car bomb strapped underneath their vehicle. He later presented the mother of Salva and the father of Saenz de Tejada with Calvia's top gold medals. The Mayor then unveiled a monolith on the Palmanova roundabout in honour of the Guardia Civil security forces. A huge Spanish flag was simultaneously hauled aloft whilst Delgado claimed that “barbarism will never triumph over them.”

After the flag had been raised, the Mayor said that it was this symbol of Spain which the Guardia Civil had died protecting.
The flag, he said, is representative of all Spaniards throughout all their trials and tribulations, their pain and their glory. “It stands for a series of freedoms and values enshrined in our Constitution,” said Delgado.

The Mayor claimed that the Guardia Civil forces are not an abstract institution but made up of individual men and women who are human beings who have trained to serve the wider community.

Delgado praised the Guardia Civil for their unsung labour in making sure the laws of the land are upheld. There are many who work behind the scenes, he said, to make sure that “those who have broken the laws of our land are brought to justice”.


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