THE Transport Information Office received 250 visits per day last month, according to the Balearic ministry of public works, housing and transport.
The Office, which gives information about buses and trains in Majorca, had an average of 251.16 visits per day in October, a month in which they had a total of 7'786 enquiries, a spokesman said yesterday. He added that 82 percent of enquiries were for information about transport services, while some 0.3 percent were to make a complaint.
The percentage of enquiries made on working days was 71.1 while the remaining 28.9 percent were made at weekends or on public holidays.
There were 2'347 enquiries by telephone during the month of October which is an average of 78.23 calls per day. Of these, 91.2 percent of calls were asking for information and 4.8 percent were to complain. Of these telephone enquiries, 49.4 percent were made from Palma and 50.6 percent from the rest of Majorca.
The chief complaints are over late running trains and poor connections.
The ministry of public works and transport has been investing heavily in improvements to public transport, in an effort to ease congestion on the island's roads network.


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