GESA Endesa, (the Gas and Electricity Board) have warned their clients about fraudsters who pass themselves off as registered installers of equipment.

On this occasion, this is not the first time this has happened, the fraudsters go to homes and try to convince clients who have city gas of the need to have the installation checked.

One fortunate coincidence has meant that this fraud has been stopped. The fraudsters went, evidently without knowing it, to the home of the President of Infocal (the Installers Association), Hernesto Juanico Bosch, and introduced themselves as representatives of Gesa Endesa Gas.

The fraudsters offered him a maintenance contract and a review of his gas installation.
Juanico suspected this offer from the start, as Gesa always sends a letter of warning to their clients before making the checks. So the President of Infocal played along with this to discover the full extent of the fraud. He made the fraudsters believe that he was interested in the maintenance checks and they then told him about the price of the so-called offer, which consisted of a general revision of the heating system and the gas installation for some eight euros a month throughout the year. In the case of any repair being necessary the labour would be free for the first three hours and he would only have to pay for the materials. Juanico decided not to accept the offer, as they asked for a direct debit to be set up after having told him that the payment would be included in his gas bill.

After this incident, Infocal approached Gesa Endesa Gas to get information about this incident and the company denied in a letter that they were carrying out these campaigns. Also, Gesa published the letter in the press to alert their customers to these events. Infocal will meet with the Administration during the next few days to decide whether they should take any sort of legal action against the perpetrators of these frauds.


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