MAJORCAN small businesses association “Pimem” was very critical yesterday of both central and regional governments, claiming that financial recovery for the small trade sector simply can't wait until tourism comes to their aid.

Juan Cabrera, the President of Pimem said that despite Madrid's plans to establish what it describes as a “sustainable economy” and the Balearic government's setting up of a Committee for monitoring the Islands' economy, nothing concrete has been done to help the small trader. “It's all pretty much a smoke screen,” said Cabrera who added that it was clear that with business being so poor as a result of the recession, there were no means by which his members were going to recover from it unaided.

He said that it was not just a question of the small traders wanting to keep their livelihood afloat. Cabrera explained that they go to make up 86 percent of Spain's business activity and are major employers. “With unemployment at an all time high on Majorca and the country as a whole, the government can't afford to ignore our plight,” said Cabrera, adding that taxation for his members needs to be lowered.


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