Palma de Majorca.—The blaze broke out just after 5.30pm in the sixth floor apartment she shared with her 31-year-old nephew, Daniel Segura.
According to neighbours and eye witnesses, there was a loud explosion then a fierce fire swept through the apartment.

Fire fighters rushed to the scene , but on arrival, they found both the inhabitants had collapsed and had stopped breathing. For over an hour, paramedics worked to reanimate the two victims at the scene and as soon as they succeeded, they had no choice but to rush them to intensive care.

A level green alert was issued by the police which accompanied the ambulances to the respective hospitals making sure they reached their destinations as quickly as possible.

The 76-year-old was rushed to Son Espases Hospital while the nephew was taken to Son Llatzer - both were in critical condition. The nephew was apparently in a coma yesterday and doctors were fearing for his life.

Sources close to the investigation have said that the fire started accidentally in the dining room.
It appears that Daniel tried to get out of the flat to call for help but he collapsed outside their front door.

His aunt, apparently, had no chance of escaping as the flames spread through the apartment extremely quickly.
Investigation sources said yesterday that the sofas and chairs were highly flammable, hence the apartment filled up with thick, toxic smoke so quickly, catching its two inhabitants by surprise.


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