THE Balearics invested less in the protection of the enviroment in 2003 than the other autonomous regions.
In 2003 the Balearics were trailing the other autonomous regions in their investment budget dedicated to the protection of the environment, investing just 1.5 million euros, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The Institute also said that the Balearics are also currently the autonomous region which dedicates least funds to the protection of the environment.
In contrast, Catalunia is the autonomous region which invested most in this cause in 2003, spending more than 184 million euros.
This was some 23 percent of the total investment throughout Spain, which was a little more than 810 million euros, according to a survey of company spending on environmental protection.
Catalunia is the region which dedicated the most money to their environmental protection budget in 2003 and their current spending on this area has risen to 344.5 million euros, nearly 30 percent of the total throughout Spain. In the table of investments in environmental protection, the highest spenders, after Catalunia, are Andalucia with nearly 102 million euros and Castilla and Leon with more than 90 million euros. This position changes when current spending is examined.
Catalunia still leads, followed by Andalucia with 134.2 million euros but Valencia is in third place with 110 million euros.
At the other end of the current table, the Balearics is the autonomous region which invests least in this cause with a budget of just 1.5 million euros. Going up the table La Rioja is next with 5.5 million euros and then Cantabria with 7 million.
In 2003, the autonomous regions which had the lowest budgets for environmental protection, after the Balearics, were Extremadura with 5.3 million euros and La Rioja with 9.6 million euros. In addition, Catalunia's current environmental spending represents 30 percent of the total throughout Spain, while the Balearics current spending is only 0.2 percent of the total.


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