THE Balearic Red Cross are launching a campaign to attract new members.
The Balearic Red Cross has launched a campaign to attract new members, in which they emphasise the importance and value of the work of this non-government organisation. The football team Real Mallorca, Basquet Inca, the swimmer Xavi Torres and the humourist Agustin “El Casta” have visibly shown their support for the campaign by having a red cross printed on their arms, sources of the organisation said yesterday. The campaign will also promote the pride and sense of belonging which all their members have, and emphasise to potential members that this is an opportunity to make this organisation stronger and more independent. The campaign will have press releases in which ordinary memebers and people well known to the public explain what it means for them to belong to the Red Cross. The Balearic Red Cross has 9'668 members forming 1 percent of the total membership of the Spanish Red Cross, a percentage which they need to raise.


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